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If you think you may want to spend more together, an my schedule permits, please come prepared with $1000 for each additional hour, if my schedule permits.

$1,200 1 hour (first initial date a 2hour date is required)
$1400/2 hours (proper intro)
$1900/3 hours Drinks
$2500/4 hours Dinner Date

$3500/6 hours                       
  $5000/Overnight + Breakfast in Bed
  $3500/per day thereafter

My truest passion however, is travel. My passport and weekender bag are always in tow... just in case the spontaneous urge arises to hop a jet together for a holiday overseas, or should you wish for me to lend a little fun and accompany you on your next business trip. I would love to join you on your travels!
$4,000/ 4 hours Dinner Date
$6,000/Overnight + Breakfast in Bed
$7500/24 hour Full Day of Romance
$9,500/48 hour Weekend Tryst
$14,500/72 hour Endless Romance ->
$3,500 per day thereafter
Tour Donations vary

~Cancellation Policy~
~ I understand that life can interrupt with our plans. Should you need to reschedule our date, I'm happy to accommodate you within reason. Should you cancel any time within 48 hours of the day of your appointment, you will be required to pay a 35% cancellation fee. If you cancel within 24 hours of the day of your appointment, you will be required to pay 70% cancellation fee . If you cancel twice in a row you will be required to secure the appt with a 50% deposit or I will no longer accept requests from you.~

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